Life gets in the way of life in NYC. Family, work and friends demand our time. Cooking doesn’t have to be yet another thing you need to do!

I can make life easier for you…Burnt Toast Kitchen NYC specializes in whole-food, spice-driven, vegetarian and vegan YOU centric cooking. I can come to your home to cook for you, or deliver meals if your prefer. I can also teach you the skills to cook for yourself, your family and friends.

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Are you a busy individual, couple, family who doesn’t have time or the desire to cook for yourself? Do you hate cooking, but still want home cooked meals? Are you a pregnant mom who doesn’t have time to cook? Or a new mom, overwhelmed with getting everything done? Do you want to learn to cook? Are you a vegetarian or vegan who is tired of having minimal options when you go out to eat? Do you have special dietary needs? Then Burnt Toast Kitchen NYC is for you!

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About Chef Kim

I thought I was going to save the world. I learned languages, traveled, worked in non-profits, worked at a foundation and made a difference. I got my master’s in international affairs. I lived abroad twice. And then I wasn’t so happy. What to do? Do what you love? But then you get tired of it and don’t love it anymore, right? I loved cooking. Could I, at almost age 40, start over and enter in the culinary world? Julia Child was 40 when she got her start. Well then, so could I.

I had been cooking probably since the age of eight when my mom let me make a meal. I found a recipe, she bought the ingredients, and I cooked it. Lamb stew. I don’t really remember how it was, but it was exciting for me to know that I was preparing something for the whole family. I would watch Julia Child, Martin Yan, and Jeff Smith during my summer vacations. This was in the 70s and 80s before the Food Network existed and you had to watch cooking shows on public television.

I was 14 years old when my sister and I became vegetarians. We cooked for ourselves, experimenting with recipes together. My mom would take us to the local health food store (there was only one near us on Staten Island in 1985), where we would buy ingredients. When in college, we’d create gourmet meals using only a microwave, toaster oven and hot plate!

My professional cooking began…

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Initial Consultation
20-minute phone consultation followed by a 90 minute consultion hour in person to discuss your needs and wants from Burnt Toast Kitchen NYC. Free.

Meal Preparation
Based on the initial consultation, I will cook the agreed upon combination of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and/or snacks. Depending on the quantity of meals desired, more than one visit may be necessary.

Meal Delivery
If the client prefers, meals will be delivered to your home ready to be heated or frozen.

Included in all services
Menu planning (up to two revisions), grocery shopping (actual or virtual), ingredient list if you are shopping, meal preparation, packaging and labeling of meals, and clean up.             

Extra Charges
Groceries, travel by taxi with groceries, cleaning fee if no dishwasher in house, containers.

Cost of services depend on what is being done, but start at $400/week plus groceries

One-on-One and small group Cooking Instruction
Knife skills, how to set up your kitchen for success, basic or advanced cooking skills, breadmaking, how to make a good meal based on what you have in your pantry/refrigerator at the moment and more.

Cost of one-on-one/small group classes in your kitchen, $150 for one/ $250 for two/ $400 for three-four

ONE-ON-ONE AND SMALL GROUP ZOOM CLASSES Cost of one-on-one classes, $50 and $25 per person for small group classes.

My Food!

A sampling of dishes I’ve created over the years

Three Bean Salad (Green Beans, Yellow Wax Beans, Scarlet Runner Beans)

Vegan Collard Tamales with Rajas. Guacamole and Mango Salsa

Vegan Summer Rolls with a Peanut Dipping Sauce

Spinach Tofu Wontons with Soy Sesame Dipping Sauce

Mushroom Tofu Kebabs with Roasted Maple Shallot Pilaf

Curried Quinoa Salad with Dried Cranberries, Oranges and Basil


Online Halloween Treats Class

A fun activity for all ages!

Saturday, October 31, 2020 12-2pm



We’re making popcorn balls two ways! Caramel Nut and Halloween Candy versions.

(Vegan Friendly!)

To participate:

Send an email to and I will send you an ingredient/equipment list and link to Zoom class.

Payment options:


Venmo: @burnttoastkitchennyc

or Credit Card through Square: (click below)


Thanksgiving Meal Prep/Delivery

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It’s that time of year again and this year has been a bit of a doozy! Let me take a little stress off your plate and cook Thanksgiving dinner.

To order: Click link to form at the end of the page.

Payment accepted: Cash, Check, Venmo, Zelle and Credit Cards.

Once order is placed, I will send you a confirmation and an invoice with payment info.

Menu (all plant based) 

(plrices are before sales tax)

Soups: ($8/pt $12/qt)

Mushroom Barley with Dill (NF)

Celeriac Fennel (GF/NF)

Endive White Bean with Orzo (NF)

Sides ($8/pt $12/qt)

Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes with Onion Thyme Gravy (GF/NF)

Mashed Rutabaga with Nutmeg (GF/NF)

Roasted Brussels Sprouts (GF/NF)

Mashed Turnips with Nutmeg (GF/NF)

Iceberg Wedge with Creamy Avocado Dill Sauce (pt=single order/qt=2)(GF)

Salad of Many Things (Romaine/Iceberg and Endive with carrots,cucumbers, grape tomatoes, yellow peppers,fennel, celery, radishes, asparagus, cucumbers, and roasted chickpeas) with a mustard caper vinaigrette (GF/NF)

Entrees ($20 per serving)

Roasted stuffed delicata squash with spiced riced cauliflower, dried cranberries and pecans with a creamy sage sauce (GF)

Roasted Vegetable lasagna pasta pinwheels with pesto, housemade pinenut cheese and mom’s spaghetti sauce (NF)

Vegetable Wellington- roasted carrot, nuts, beans, mushrooms and spiced phyllo packets with an onion thyme gravy

Desserts $12 each

Pumpkin cake with cranberries and pecans with a pecan buttercream frosting

Pear cherry almond tarte with an oat crust (GF)

NF=Nut Free  GF=Gluten Free


For 1 $45: 1pt soup/1pt soup/1 entree/1 dessert 

For 2 $68: 1 qt soup/2pts sides/ 2 entrees/2 desserts

For 3 $135: 3pts sides/1.5qts soup/3 entrees/3 desserts (list choices below)

For 4 4 $178: 4pts sides/2qts soup/4 entrees/4 desserts 

To place order:

Questions? or email:

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Happy Clients

Kim has been providing meals for our family for almost 4 years now. We think of her as the oil that makes our household run seamlessly. We are a… Read more “Barbara and Murali, clients for 8 years

Barbara and Murali, clients for 8 years

It was a wonderful night and now I am having it for lunch! Excellent for all those interested in trying vegan cooking.  

Adrienne, attendee- Global One-Pot Dinners Class,November 13, 2019

Kim prepared dinner for 6 at our apartment. It was a wonderful experience being able to entertain without actually cooking. The food tasted great and was interesting… Read more “George and Sarah, Hosts for dinner for six at their home, Friday, November 1, 2019”

George and Sarah, Hosts for dinner for six at their home, Friday, November 1, 2019

Things I say

Working together…

Please give me an idea of what sort of services you are looking for. Weekly meal service or delivery? Special event? Cooking Class? I will contact you within one day of receiving your message. I look forward to working with you! Thanks!

Chef Kim 
Burnt Toast Kitchen NYC