I’m Back!

I took a long break from my blog Burnt Toast because as I always say life gets in the way of life…I had started working for Dirt Candy, an amazing award winning  vegetable focused restaurant on the Lower East side. I also married my long time partner, Reggie, so wedding planning definitely was all consuming.

A lot has happened in those three years. I worked my way up from prep/line cook at Dirt Candy to lead Sous Chef. For those who don’t know, working in restaurants is a LOT of work! It really took up a lot of my time and I realized that being not of the young crowd anymore, I was TIRED! I recently left Dirt Candy, a bittersweet thing, as I am going to miss my kickass rockstar co-workers, being around the creative process of making food, as well as the energy and camaraderie of working with others to get the food out. But it was time. Time to focus on me and my goals and success.  Back to private cheffing. Teaching classes and pop-ups? While I came away from restaurants knowing that I didn’t want to open my own, I do want to showcase my flavor and my ideas. So pop ups every now and again can really help me to do that. So stay tuned Burnt Toast family…this is only the beginning!

My plan is to do a blog entry at least once a week to keep you updated on what’s going on with Burnt Toast Kitchen NYC (check out my events page- I’m going to be making snacks for the Valentine’s Day Open House at the Windsor Terrace Food Coop where I help to manage part-time), restaurant reviews (one on Sans a vegan restaurant started by a former chef at Eleven Madison Park is in the making), and other interesting and fun food-related things!

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  1. Its funny how how suddenly your mind, body and spirit give you a resounding order that you know you must obey. Truly the Universe wanted you to do this. I know you’ll be successful and happy.

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