Burnt Toast Kitchen NYC Classes go online!

You probably have seen all the postings on how the restaurant business, hospitality and service industries are being really affected by the Coronavirus. You’ve probably received an update from places you follow and frequent about what they’re doing to keep their customers and employees safe. But truth be told, a lot of small businesses are going to be affected by this pandemic and probably not in a good way. Some things I’ve seen that you can do to help your neighborhood cafe, taqueria or Chinese joint is buy gift certificates now to use later. Restaurants have very slim margins, meaning that they don’t really make so much money for each meal they sell, so if you’re not sick, (and have disposable income) go out to eat. The rule now in NYC is that they’ve cut the capacity in half of all establishments. So that means it will take twice as long for a restaurant to make money.

During these times, we’re told to practice social distancing. What does THAT mean? I get images of being in the back seat of the car fighting with my sister who saying i’m not touching you while waving her finger in my face. We’re social human beings and need interaction. But in these uncertain times, we’re being told to stay inside, don’t gather in big crowds. I know for myself that gets really depressing after awhile. Fun must continue!

For that reason, I’ve decided to move my next two classes online. I’ll be able to reach a wider audience. So far away friends (you KNOW who you are) you can participate in a Burnt Toast Kitchen NYC Class!

Saturday, March 28 from 1-4pm (note change in date and time) will be my Spring has Sprung Vegetable-based pastas and sauces course.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

We’ll make some fresh pastas and some complementary sauces with a twist of spring….

For tickets: https://freshpastaandsauce.bpt.me


Wednesday, April 1 from 7:00-10pm Will be April Ful’s Day Ful Medames ( North AFrican bean stew ) and Pita.

We’ll make the North African hearty fava stew and home made pita!

For tickets: https;//aprilfulsday.bpt.me

Or email me at burnttoastkitchennyc@gmail.com for my Venmo or Zelle account information.

We have to be creative in these kooky times. Life can’t shut down, we just have to figure out ways to make it still happen! Looking forward to working with you on line. We can take this fun journey together!

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