Weekly Meal Pick-up and Delivery

Tuesdays 4:30-7pm/Fridays 4:30-7/Some Saturdays 5:30-9:30

Ordering Information:

Place larger orders and family style portions


for pick-up Sundays at 9am for Tuesday


Thursdays at 9am for Friday and Saturday
Pick up from Nimbus Kitchen (196 Stanton Street, LES, NYC)
Order HOT Dishes ON DEMAND on the WoodSpoon App: app.(or download on Google Play or Apple Store) Find me as: Chef Kim Hafner.
Delivery throughout Manhattan.
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<click for map > Nimbus Kitchen (196 Stanton Street between Ridge and Attorney Streets, LES, NYC)

Tuesday, July 20 Menu

  • Watermelon, Mint and Vegan Feta Salad with Balsamic Reduction on a bed of Romaine
  • Sweet and Spicy Brussels Sprout Tacos
  • Moroccan Influenced yellow pea dal with cauliflower and kale