burnt Toast Kitchen NYC is on the woodspoonApp!

What does this mean? It means you can get dinner made by me, a trained plant-based chef and delivered straight to your home! (in Brooklyn only at this point)

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This week’s menu: August 7-8, 2020 5-10pm

Dad’s jazzed up tomato salad with peaches, red onion, red vinegar, olive oil and dried oregano. (Farmer’s market tomatoes,peaches and red onions)

Crispy spicy tofu bibimbap with pickled cauliflower, sauteed greens crispy basmati rice and avocado. ( Farmer’s market cauliflower, string beans and spinach)

Corn with Jamaican Influenced curry powder, coconut rice with pinto beans ( Farmer’s market corn)

Dark chocolate cake with cherries and a dark chocolate ganache glaze