This week’s menu June 11-13 (5-9:30pm)

Bowl: Shredded napa cabbage with mint and basil and lime, Baked tofu, Carrots, Brown rice noodles, Colorful peppers, Sugar snap peas, Pickled cucumbers, Scallions, black sesame seeds and Peanut sauce (vegan/gf)

Melange of Mushrooms (Shiitakes, Oyster, Cremini) Bordelaise ( shallots, garlic, red wine, balsamic vin and thyme) over Roasted Garlic Chickpea Flour Polenta (vegan/gf)

Vegetable enchiladas with black beans, zucchini, blackened corn, red and green peppers and red onions with mole sauce and a pine nut lime crema ( vegan/gf)

Veg of the week: Cucumber Salad with red onions and a lemon olive oil dressing ( vegan/gf)

Dessert: 6 spice oat raisin cookie sandwich with a walnut vanilla buttercream filling (vegan)