April 10, 2021 Menu

To Order: Place order by 12 Noon, Wednesday, April 7

PIck up on Saturday, April 10 between 3:30pm-6:30pm


<click for map > Nimbus Kitchen (196 Stanton Street between Ridge and Attorney Streets, LES, NYC)

Or Delivery (for a fee) – 2 mile radius from kitchen – Addresses below 34th Street East and West Sides in Manhattan, parts of Williamsburg, parts of Greenpoint, DUMBO, parts of Downtown Brooklyn.

Soup: Curry Red Lentil with Sweet Potatoes and Greens (served with housemade roti with roasted garlic) (V/NF) GF with out roti.
Side Dish: Broccoli Rabe Tossed with Garlic and Olive Oil (V/GF/NF)
Bowl: Brown Rice Noodles. Carrots. Sugar snap peas.Red Peppers. Baked Tofu.Pickled Cucumbers, Cabbage, Mint and Basil salad with lime. Topped with Peanut Sauce, Scallions  and Black Sesame Seeds.   (V/GF) NF option with alternate dressing.
Plate: Roasted Cauliflower with Tahini Sauce, Pomegranate Molasses, Pomegranate Seeds. And Pistachios. Served over whole wheat turmeric couscous and chickpeas. (V/GF) – can be made NF
Dessert: Chocolate Hazelnut Pudding with Hazelnut Crumbs (V/GF – with notice can make NF)