Barbara and Murali, clients for 8 years

Kim has been providing meals for our family for almost 4 years now. We think of her as the oil that makes our household run seamlessly. We are a family of two working parents, who wanted to find a way to sit down for dinner, every night, with our two daughters and eat a delicious and healthy meal together without stress. Kim makes it all happen. Every Monday she fills our fridge for the week with a number of nutritious meals. We agree on the menu beforehand.  Kim knows our family well, knows what the girls love (also what they are allergic to) and what is more of a challenge for them.
Her menus are mix of some of our all-time favorites (think fried rice, broccoli strudel, and stuffed wontons) and new ideas. We credit her for having children that are not afraid of trying different foods and that have a wide palette. To this day, my girls look forward to quinoa kale pie, it still amazes me! Kim is wonderful to work with, timely, and leaves our kitchen spotless. We cannot recommend her high enough!